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The PDC does not have prerequisites and tries to expose all students to the topics from as simple a level as possible. What a graduate receives at the end of the course is an understanding how the whole design system works and what may be needed from other sources to make the system work. The Permaculture designer does not need to have all the skills necessary to implement a design, but must be able to recognize what skills are needed and where to source them independently. The PDC is now run over a 10 day period and provides an intensive exposure to the principles of Permaculture design. The course has been condensed to 10 days from the traditional 14 day period by increasing the contact hours each day.

The PDC follows the accepted 72 hour contact format specified by the Permaculture Institute of Australia. Graduates obtain a PDC certificate upon completion of the course and are allowed to use the word Permaculture in their pursuit of making a living.  

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Course Fees:

A deposit of TT$1000.00 is required to reserve a spot. 

Direct Deposit: 

Republic Bank
Account # 340005422901

Name of Account holder : Wa Samaki Ecosystems

Please include your name and workshop name for easy reference.

Once deposit transaction is completed please send a copy of the transaction receipt to

This is a 'pay what you can' Workshop. Please come with a packed lunch and whatever snacks you may need. 
At the end of the workshop you can make your payment of what you think is a fair exchange based on your means. 


If you have any questions about the course please contact:

John Stollmeyer at (868) 624-1341 or 295 8122
Erle Rahaman-Noronha : WhatsApp (868) 789 2167 


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