Guided tours

Guided tours of Wa Samaki Ecosystems can be arranged by appointment. The cost of a guided tour is TT$50 per adult and TT$40 per child. A minimum of 6 adults are needed for a tour.  Tours need to be prebooked and run from 9 am to 11 noon or  2pm to 4pm, special tour times on request. The farm can sometimes be very sunny or very muddy. Please bring appropriate hydration and footwear.

The tour will include a brief introduction to permaculture and a guided walk through the different zones on the farm. Knowledge of the different trees and plants and some of their uses will also be shared. Depending on what time of the year it is, it may be possible for you to plant a tree as well. 

You will be visiting an operational farm, please respect everything that is going on and do not wander away from the group. Wa Samaki Ecosystems is not responsible for any losses or injuries that may occur. 

Tree seedlings may be purchased from the nursery after the tour. Heliconia plants and flowers may be purchased if they are preordered by the previous night. 

Please email us with any questions at

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