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Annual 'Pay what you Can PDC - 08 - 19 August 2022 (excluding weekends) 


We offer our PDC as a no frills 'Pay what you can' . We ask that everyone attending come with their own meals and snacks and the manual will be digitally shared on any memory stick the participant provides or via Google Drive.

You must attend 90% of the course including the presentation to qualify to get your certificate. That means showing up by 8.30am every morning and attending all the classes for that day for a minimum of 9 days.


Whatever you would like to pay for the workshop, based on your means, will be accepted on the last day of the PDC.  There is a non refundable deposit of TT$1000  to reserve a spot and show that you are serious about attending.

Please contact us via email at if onsite accommodation is required.


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