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Permaculture Design Courses

CPC can tailor permaculture courses from the internationally accepted 14 day Intensive Permaculture Design Course (PDC) to one day introductory workshops to anything in between. Come to us with what you would like to achieve and we will find a way to make it happen!  

School interactive sessions

CPC prides itself with working with teachers and students to increase awareness of their connections with the environment and the positive roles they can play to healing the Earth using the many different principles of Permaculture. 

All we need is your initial idea and we can come up with modules and interactive sessions that will empower students and their teachers to make meaningful contributions to their lives, families and communities.  

Permaculture materials

CPC brings together talents that can create and customize Permaculture material for education and awareness programmes. 

Our most recent project includes a series of 'Greening' booklets and colouring books that introduces Permaculture and its design principles, water and waterways and wildlife and its connections to the environment.    

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