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Water Lillies​


We are proud to have one of the largest collection of water lilies and semi-aquatic pond plants in Trinidad and Tobago. Plants can be purchased on site.


Our lilies move very quickly and if we do not have a plant available you can put your name on our waiting list and we will let you know as soon as possible once one is available 

Lilies and Semi Aquatics currently available

Star of Siam 
August Koch 
Purple Zanzibar
Red Spider
Yellow Sunrise 
William McLane
Peach Glow
Tropic Punch
Blue SpiderBetsy Sakata
Dallas Flower
Georgia Peach
Panama Pacific
Pink Grapefruit
Sulphurea Okechobee
Semi Aquatics
Dwarf Papyrus
Blue Pickerel Rush
White Pickeral Rush
Black Taro
Pink Lotus 
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