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What to bring to Trinidad

In general it would be good to be able to carry all your own bags, so pack light. You can expect to find most of the consumer goods available within Trinidad but not very close to the farm. Be prepared to pack out all batteries and non biodegradable waste, avoid excessive packaging.

Do not leave bags unattended. We will send you instructions of how to get to the farm by taxi. The cost is approx. US$50

In addition to the obvious things you would need for a couple of weeks in the tropics (socks, underwear, t-shirts, shorts, sandals) please consider the following items for this course:

long pants for mosquitoes
sun hat
sun screen
insect repellant
bug net
notebook(s)/sketch book
pens and pencils
extra batteries if specialised
water bottle/camelback
tent if you prefer camping
light weight sleeping bag
non phosphate soap/shampoo (biodegradeable)
women - tampons or pads
small sewing kit

There is a washer and dryer available for doing laundry, however ecological laundry soap is not, we would appreciate if you could bring some.


film (might be more expensive here if you still use film!)
extra battery for camera
book(s) to read and share with others
musical instruments
favourite comfort/snack food


Medical kit:
Please be sure to bring any medicines you may need and please inform us of any medical conditions, allergies or special information about your health. Many pharmaceuticals are available over the counter but local pharmacies may not have your exact prescription.


Please come prepared.

Immunization shots are not required. Check with your doctor or medical services for details about Trinidad and Tobago. 

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